Anyway, both have been arranged toward Slytherin and you will sneered at the thought regarding marrying muggleborns

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Anyway, both have been arranged toward Slytherin and you will sneered at the thought regarding marrying muggleborns

However, there was in fact suggestions you to definitely Draco Malfoy and Pansy Parkinson were dating on the series, the guy at some point wound up marrying Astoria Greengrass. As Pansy and you will Blaise’s futures after the slide off Lord Voldemort are unknown, it is possible to suppose that the two have fell crazy and you can had partnered. Draco shortly after kept it prejudice also, but it’s obvious he has went of that it kind of indicate ideology by the end of one’s Harry Potter series. It can perhaps not amaze me personally when the Pansy became frustrated with Draco’s threshold, broke up with him and you may been relationships Blaise since the he or she is an effective “proper” Slytherin whose morals weren’t altered because of the war.

10 Neville Longbottom And you can Luna Lovegood

Though Harry/Luna are my personal OTP (One Real Combining) and that i loathe Harry/Ginny having a desire, I actually do like the idea of Neville and you may Ginny. I do believe when the J.K. Rowling had trapped that have Ginny because this sweet and you may bashful character, it would’ve started sweet if the she got were left with Neville. It might had been sweet to see a few bashful, hushed children get a hold of like and you will expand as the emails by permitting Dumbledore’s Military struggle Lord Voldemort in the seventh guide. Think of how cool it might be when the Ginny and Neville each other made use of Gryffindor’s blade in order to destroy Nagini into the final competition. ed some thing motivation about Dumbledore’s Military in order to disturb Lord Voldemort and the fresh serpent if you’re Neville acquired the latest blade. That would’ve come particularly good kicka** struggle world!

nine Sirius Black And James Potter

I understand J.K. Rowling need James Potter and you can Lily Evans to have a tragic relationship, but I also believe that James was the best match for Sirius. In check of one’s Phoenix, Molly Weasley hinted one Sirius was still devastated because of the death off their BFF along with maybe not been able to securely grieve if you are trapped inside the Azkaban. Just by how romantic Sirius and James were during the world where Harry’s curiosity provides the best of your and then he appears towards the Snape’s thoughts when you look at the fifth guide, We wouldn’t was indeed shocked if James had harbored good crush with the Sirius. They would were a great match, because they have been each other a bit irresponsible, a bit arrogant, along with the same sense of humor.

8 Draco Malfoy And you may Harry Potter

Consider how extremely it would had been in the event that J.K. Rowling got defied heteronormativity together with idea of “One to Large Happy Weasley Family relations” with Draco Malfoy and you can Harry Potter belong like and you can live cheerfully ever once. Besides would there were a lot more LGBTQ+ signal on novels when the Harry and Draco been dating, but it also would have been a great nod to the “foes to lovers” trope that’s tend to included in fictional. Including, when the Harry and you can Draco had in reality taken the time over to learn each other, possibly Harry would’ve was able to help his boyfriend escape from new Demise Eaters ahead of they attempted to force your in order to destroy Albus Dumbledore regarding 50 % of-Blood Prince. In addition might have been cool observe Harry and you may Draco joining as much as damage the brand new Horcruxes and ultimately overcome Lord Voldemort too.

seven Ginny Weasley And you can Luna Lovegood

To the type off Ginny Weasley irks me, I do believe this lady reduced admirable attributes (eg being an excellent bully and you will to make fun off other lady) could have been tempered by Luna Lovegood’s determine when they was in fact matchmaking. Ginny do appear to be very intimate with Luna, and also defended this lady BFF away from bullies one attempted to taunt the girl to be “weird.” It can was sweet if Ginny realized that her ideas to own Harry have been merely a silly schoolgirl break, and she sooner fell deeply in love with the girl buddy Luna. If Ginny dated Luna, We think of the latter’s relaxing exposure perform remain the lady fiery feeling away if you find yourself she’d need the lady spouse become an excellent little more bold and blunt in public.


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