The 2 feel the usual company-and-employee relationships

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The 2 feel the usual company-and-employee relationships

Maou try a very amicable and you may beneficial far better than Chiho, and therefore baffled and you can surprised Emi at first. He together with phone calls her ‘Chi-chan’, signifying their intimacy collectively. In event which have Lucifer, she gathered experience in Ente Isla also Maou’s true identity.

Chiho have a very apparent crush on Maou, but he’s got yet , to answer the woman ideas even after her confession. Whenever Maou expected their just how she experienced from the associating with a beneficial Demon Lord such as your, Chiho reported that she’d getting lying if the she told you she didn’t notice, but she currently had thoughts to possess him before she understood off one to reality, and you can desires to choose to prevent preference him by herself. Maou was shocked on their committed confession, however when the guy attempted to address, they certainly were disturbed.

Regarding light novel, Maou reported that he doesn’t want Chiho to locate any better so you can your than just she currently is mainly because he’s frightened she’s going to rating hurt. He is and up against an intimate state with Chiho because the the guy is unable to adult and you may age, and you may Maou is actually afraid that if he could be with her he’s going to never be able to meet the lady traditional. Just as the guy realized the latest flaw in his convinced, their opinion was in fact disturbed by their company, Mayumi Kisaki.

Miki Shiba [ ]

Their landlady, which insists on which have Maou consider her while the Miki-ti. The girl exposure somehow intimidates your, and additionally Ashiya and you will Urushihara. She seems to have a sense of Ente Isla, given that she’s got experience in Sonar while the Idea Link. But not, the reason why behind the lady insights are not familiar.

Mayumi Kisaki [ ]

Their company from the MgRonald’s. Maou is visible to-be fearful out-of the woman sometimes, however, Kisaki appears abreast of him due to the fact a good staff and is able to trust your into responsibility from managing the new cafe inside her lack.

Hanzo Urushihara [ ]

Lucifer are a dropped angel and something of your own Demon Lord’s generals. Once getting beaten by Maou inside Japan, he went from inside the with Maou and you will Ashiya to full cover up him of the authorities that assist search phenomenal present together with his sites education. The guy often uses Maou’s currency unwisely to your shopping on the internet and contains brought about Ashiya of a lot stresses into household finances. Despite this, Maou will not apparently mind, dealing with your the same as the guy usually got. Yet not there had been still exclusions, based on how much Lucifier had opted.

Suzuno Kamazuki [ ]

Suzuno are originally meant to spy and you may assassinate brand new Devil King according to the requests of one’s Chapel. not, having invested date with his entourage and ultimately are conserved from the your, she understands that Sadao no longer is this new villain that he was previously because life on the planet and you can will get a trustworthy ally and friend. She begins to matter what she was informed regarding Demon King back to Ente Isla due to the fact she will get much more pretty sure the image you to definitely she notices for the The japanese is their genuine identification. Maou later on appoints this lady, Chiho, and you may Emi since Demon Generals to change both who had been slain in the attack regarding Ente Isla.

On the 9th level of this new white book while traveling with her to your Ente Isla to store Emi, she takes their confession in the as to why the guy occupied Ente Isla. She says to him you to because of their methods since a person and you will Chiho, she eventually believed that brand new Maou she notices when you look at the Japan provides for ages been their genuine personality right from the start even after his assertion of things like his concern to have Emi. If you are listing the cause he had never verbal upwards in the it was once the no-one got questioned, he tells the woman the outcome trailing the fresh new invasion; that have demons giving into the bad thoughts and you may Maou’s unification of your devil realm that have eliminated him or her, the complete escort services in Visalia demon battle would inevitably not survived except if it receive an alternative supply of sustenance. Whenever she raised that individuals believed that Maou had required toward exterminating humankind, the guy solutions you to this is undesirable together with intention is actually to just end up in anxiety therefore the demons you are going to survive and you can he would regulate each other humans and you may demons. He opens and you may says to Suzuno which he had purchased their generals to simply kill those who resisted and you will accept the newest give-up of them who were happy to, even when since confirmed by Maou’s character during the Ente Isla, not totally all adopted their rules. The guy says to this lady exactly why the guy envies humans is basically because out of dinner, that your humans’ requirement for it ensures that it works together with her and not only endeavor and you will eliminate each other such how lifetime was a student in brand new devil world. Suzuno realizes that Maou hadn’t wanted to assault the fresh new people, however, had to bother making a choice among them or his personal anyone, while a master, the possibility is actually low-questionable. She thinks Maou is a very good people and you will try a merely King, but he refutes they. The guy informs Suzuno that he was a keen idiot and you will brought about distress on the individuals and you may demons exactly the same. The new sin the guy feels he’s to happen is when he contributed several of their people who thought inside the your on their fatalities. New confession nearly leads Suzuno to confessing the woman thinking so you’re able to Maou, but she ends herself on last time out-of respect having Chiho. She thinks that Maou should give Emi everything that he told the lady, believing it can enhance their relationships if Emi realized exactly how Maou its noticed concerning the battle. Maou refuses and you will Suzuno unfortuitously realizes that he or she is declining doing so as a punishment so you’re able to himself to have resulting in the woman a great deal suffering.


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