Situations inside Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu zero List

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Situations inside Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu zero List

Yet not, once afterwards events, especially the newest incidents one to contributed to the creation of Science Protector together with deformation you to definitely took place Baggage Town, Touma has started to prevent assuming individuals the guy suits, despising the reality that their methods, including preserving somebody, are being manipulated on the carrying out far more distress to own others’ stops. [17] Although not, during his confrontation up against Leivinia Birdway, Touma fundamentally disregards their worries from inability, betrayal, or being controlled. [18]

Along with this, Leivinia amounts right up their character – looking for themselves as installed possibilities unlike anybody else, which have your endeavor, providing themselves damage – because the insanity. [19] In reality, probably the Will of the Entire Misaka System do afterwards matter into the their “unconditional need set themselves below folks”. [20] Despite Leivinia getting someone who looks at management and you will magnetic leadership, she never understand what drives Touma, just who promptly says to the woman which he does not have any reasoning in order to dump those who you need rescuing to start with, [19] a very clear regard to his “I really don’t you want a description to save individuals” mindset. More over, Aiwass’ statements for the Touma are branded “righteous” of the someone else was referenced. Leivinia measures up him to help you Aleister Crowley and you will Laura Stuart, and you may describes your as getting the seed products to act indescribably high, that will offer your great-power if the he regulation they, or was devastating having him if the guy doesn’t. [19]

Regarding Agitate Halation Arc, Touma was happy to beat Rensa, once you understand complete better he you’ll destroy Yakumi Hisako (who’d turned an aim think are together with inserted Rensa’s muscles) together with his right-hand, to save the lady. not, this could even be given that he was certain that Rensa carry out manage to cut Hisako ahead of he may destroy their. In reality, Hisako live and is actually stored of becoming entirely shed from the Consider Breaker after Touma beaten this lady, on account of Rensa’s methods. [21]

Touma productivity so you can Academy Urban area basically the exact same, a bit unfazed from the of several threats in order to their lifestyle, because the revealed by the their nonchalant a reaction to Kuroyoru Umidori assaulting him in the individual toilet

After, immediately following fundamentally shedding to the nadir out-of depression throughout the Omega Industry (a world in which everybody has started conserved perfectly) and you can attempting to commit committing suicide, Touma in the end does things to own his very own benefits immediately after particular persuading in the Have a tendency to of your own Entire Misaka Network. Right here, he welcomes that he wants to return to his or her own globe, where their actions had definition in the place of in just the right industry, and you will is ready for it becoming unmade. [20] Despite this, through the his fight with Othinus, the journalist of this community, there’s still some hesitation in his center, when he as well desired to manage you to definitely prime business. This type of hesitations was afterwards tossed on the wind inside the competition that have Othinus, and you may immediately after the guy forgotten he conceded victory together with world so you can the lady. [22]

Most other attributes

Allegedly down to Think Breaker negating their chance, Touma was unfortunate and regularly bemoans their state when dealing with an enthusiastic sad condition along with his greatest catchphrase: “Instance misfortune!” (???!, Fukou da!) (“Rotten/damn luck” regarding the English called adaptation). However, despite his very own misfortune Touma thinks that he’s not regretful for being sad, and you will says he like to end up being unfortunate and help individuals than just end up being happy and start to become happier and not see those who is actually distress. He says one getting unfortunate are his luck plus it manage be the roadway which he continues to walk on. [12] It has got slightly fallen out from use in New-testament, returning merely immediately following his ordeals which have Othinus have ended.

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